Ailin Haijer

Role at TEDxAmsterdam

I am part of the blogging team at TEDxAmsterdam. This means that I interview speakers so that readers get to know them a little bit better before the event. Next to that, I will be live blogging on the day of the event.

Why I volunteer at TEDxAmsterdam

I’m a volunteer at TEDxAmsterdam because I like to tell stories and it’s an honor to be able to write down the wonderful personalities and stories of the speakers at TEDxAmsterdam in order for them to travel ever further and spread throughout the world.

My favorite TED Talk

One of my favorite talks is ‘Disruptive Happiness’ by Mario Chamorro. In his talk he shows that small acts of kindness can make a huge impact on you, on others, and even on the world:

Years volunteered for TEDxAmsterdam

2010-now (2010: volunteer at TEDxAmsterdam Women, 2011: team member of TEDxAmsterdamED, 2012-14 blogger).